"This document presents six concrete reasons to refuse everything about the Common Core".

When you oppose the "Common Core",
what you are really opposing is most likely the entire "Race To The Top (RTTT)" grant competition.

RTTT was much more about implementing a technological framework that would re-shape how
children are educated in this country then it ever was about helping them.

"Massachussetts State law Chapter 69 section 1i says we only have to administer grade-span
comprehensive diagnostic assessments in 4th, 8th and 10th grades right?"

Why don't we just do that for a while?

The RTTT grant competition and No Child Left Behind
have caused teachers to spend more time on testing.

"Teachers are just as professional as doctors or lawyers yet we disrespect them on a daily basis.
They take care of up to 27 of your children every day. Get on their side and show them some respect".

When someone tells you "the Common Core is not a curriculum",
you need to show that person
Section 05.

RTTT specified common standards,common tests, curriculum-embedded performance tasks and
model curriculum units. Massachusetts school districts applied for grants from the State Education
Department that will provide money to implement these very same model curriculum units.

"Teachers can even earn extra money if they help our state department of education modify and
implement these model curriculum units for use in their schools".

"Common Core/RTTT" absolutely provided a curriculum.

One may also encounter this one...

"The Common Core State Standards are more rigorous than our previous Massachusetts standards".
Lead that person to
Section 01.

Our Massachusetts standards could have been used as the "common standards" RTTT called for.
Almost every state agreed to adopt the Common Core State Standards instead.
Were Massachusetts' standards too rigorous?

"What I am being asked to accept is that an untested and unproven set of standards
remain the permanent basis for re-working the entire educational system in this country.
I would ask you, what do you know about the people that wrote them?
Then try and re-convince me why my wife, the teacher, is wrong".

Remember the common standards, common assessments,
curriculum-embedded performance tasks and model curriculum units?

All of those things are currently based upon a weaker set of standards than we had in this state.

The Common Core State Standards have never been "internationally benchmarked".

The last three MCAS/PARCC studies, all provided by "independent"
organizations, received funds from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

"Yes, the same Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that funded
the initial Benchmarking for Success study 5 years earlier".

The Common Core Standards have yet to be corroborated by an independent organization.
They have been denounced by lots of people from many of walks of life.

Our old standards worked.

As if that is not enough to object to...

"We currently contract with an assessment company that broke the law".

Pearson will be administering the Digital MCAS 2.0 test to all of the students in this state.

Please read
Section 02.

Massachusetts Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education Mitchell Chester
attended one of these very conferences right before he recommended the
Common Core State Standards be adopted in July of 2010.

Then please read
Section 03.
Governor Charlie Baker, who loves to re-state his opposition to the initial adoption
of the Common Core State Standards, could have stopped all things PARCC in June of 2015.

Learn about the recommitment clause...then examine the response, or lack thereof.

The PARCC/MCAS 2.0 test's only reason to exist is to assess a student's knowledge of the
common standards the RTTT application required. The Common Core State Standards.

Massachusetts is NO LONGER an active member of PARCC's Governing Board
or the PARCC Consortium!

PARCC INC maintains a 5 year contract, for about a million dollars a year, with the State of
Massachusetts. We now license the material we paid for the creation of.


You will definitely hear that "the federal government is not in control. Local schools are."

This is the biggest lie of them all.

Read the second half of
Section 03.

The federal government freely admitted it "forced compliance" with it's reform agenda.
The director of RTTT not only said that, but boasted about it in her article.

You can read it in black and white.

You should read it in black and white.

It is all pretty unbelievable.


Lying is now considered totally acceptable amongst persons with power and money in this country.

That mentality corrupts our children.

Being a good person and learning to live with an honorable morality will actually hurt you.

Now more than ever, you must trust what you read and not what you hear.

The United States Department of Education and the United States Congress have no business
controlling, influencing or legislating education policy in this country.

Both institutions have lost a staggering amount of public trust.

Most recently, the United States Senate for confirming the second worst education secretary ever.

"Why is there no longer a penalty when a public official opens their mouth and consciously refrains
from telling the truth? Is that supposed to be tolerated in a democracy?
Is that what we are going to continue to teach our children from here on out"?

It is time to return the profession of teaching to the people who know what they are doing.


"The Quiet Revolution" will stay quiet no more.


*all italicized quotes excerpted from Scott Andrade's commentary when reading back his own publication